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CoD: World at War unlocks Nazi zombies for all, gives double XP this weekend

Ross Miller

Due to popular demand, Treyarch is now opening up Call of Duty: World at War's Nazi zombie co-op playlist to everyone on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, nullifying the previous requirement of completing the single-player campaign. For the uninitiated, Nazi zombie co-op has you and up to four others fighting off endless waves of -- you guessed it -- nazi zombies. And before you ask, no, we never tire of nazis or zombie massacres.

Treyarch is also giving out double the experience points this weekend. It started this afternoon at 1:00 PM ET and will stay in effect until an undisclosed time -- probably Monday morning, if we had to guess. If you're in desperate need for some double XP, we suggest you take off work / school now and head to your console of choice.

[Via X3F; thanks, mdouet!]

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