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GameStop states its case for used games and trade-ins to developers


With developer ire growing over the re-sale of games -- from which they see no additional monies -- GameStop stated its case for the practice at Southern Methodist University's Game Business Law summit. The audience included attorneys ... along with developers and game company execs.

As Gamasutra reports, GameStop's marketing chief, Mike Hogan, supported the practice with an analogy, saying, "If you couldn't sell your old car -- would the [automotive] industry sell more cars?" Hogan went on to state that most re-sold games have been out for more than 90 days, and that 75% of trade-in credit goes immediately towards the purchase of a new game. Hogan stated that 20% of the new copies of Call of Duty: World at War the company has sold were purchased in part with trade-in credit.

Hogan admitted that "there are other perspectives, but ours is: trades and used fuel growth in the category." One thing's for certain: a game traded in for $12 and re-sold for $35 fuels growth in GameStop's wallet.

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