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Sonic, the Black Knight, and the Stereotypical Sonic Music


For some reason, somebody at Sega got the idea that Sonic games needed to have ridiculous cheese-rock soundtracks. Come to think of it, discussion of a lot of aspects of 3D Sonic games would start with "For some reason ... " They're fairly enjoyable in a hilarious sort of way, but they always catch us off guard when we first hear them. This new Japanese trailer for Sonic and the Black Knight contains one of the finest examples of outrageous Sonic music yet!

Speaking of recent Sonic tropes, is that ... another human(ish) love interest? That ... could be a problem. We must say that, at this point, the game parts of the game look pretty cool -- if you're going to give Sonic a sword, that's exactly the way to do it! If you'd like to see more, check the link for a few new screens! We remain skeptical -- there are certain warning signs about this game, like the presence of Sonic the Hedgehog.


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