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DISH Network delivers inauguration mix channel of its own, plus more

Darren Murph

Not one to be outdone by its fiercest rival, DISH Network has seen DirecTV's Inauguration Mix Channel and raised it free access to HBO's exclusive coverage of the Opening Celebration on Sunday, January 18th. Yep, starting this Sunday (that's tomorrow for those on the right coast), DISH subscribers will be able to tune into HBO's SD and HD slots in order to see a plethora of musical performances and speeches by the likes of Beyonce, Bono, Herbie Hancock, John Legend, Jamie Foxx, Martin Luther King III, Queen Latifa and Denzel Washington. At the strike of midnight on Inauguration Day (January 20th), it'll offer up live feeds of six news networks on channel 100: FOX News Channel (Ch. 205), CNN (Ch. 200), MSNBC (Ch. 209), CNN Headline News (Ch. 202), CSPAN (Ch. 210) and CSPN2 (Ch. 212). Curiously, there's no mention if the mosaic will link to high-def feeds of said news channels, but if so, we'd say DirecTV just met its match.

[Image courtesy of Swamp Politics]

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