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Verizon's Hub ultra-deskphone finally coming soon

Chris Ziegler

The Hub is shaping up to being one of the greatest untold gadget dramas of the past decade. Okay, maybe that's an overstatement -- but seriously, what exactly is this thing? Part of the story is that it's a virtual corkboard and picture frame for families in the same vein as the Verizon One and AT&T's HomeManager, but we've also heard that it'll play nice with picture messaging and other services from Verizon Wireless phones -- in other words, it's the secret sauce that'll let Verizon control your entire communications ecosystem. Word on the street is that Hubs have arrived in Verizon stores with strict orders from corporate not to bust open the boxes until told to do so, so in the meantime, enjoy a shot of the surprisingly attractive box design. We're being told that the official launch will come before mid-February, so we'll get this all sorted before too long.

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