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    VIZIO's VP505XVT plasma gets a thumbs up from PCMag

    Steven Kim

    We'll come right out and admit that we're pretty big on plasma displays, but a quick look around lets us know we're not alone -- VIZIO's 50-inch VP505XVT plasma scored high marks on the PCMag test bench, right across the board. After some tweaking of the out-of-the-box settings -- something every new set should undergo -- the design, inputs and performance of the set were all the the reviewer's liking. Factor in contrast that fell right between Panasonic and Samsung competitors, best-in-class video upscaling thanks to the onboard Reon HQV processing, and a pricetag $1000 lighter than the KURO panel, and it's easy to look past the always-on VIZIO logo on the front bezel. if you can't bear the thought of only your SD signals getting the Reon HQV treatment, take some of that savings and put it towards a video scaler.

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