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XCM Dominator joystick for PlayStation 3 ships next week for $89.99

Darren Murph

Well tell ya, these cats at XCM really know how to craft some irresistible gear. After making us wait seven painstaking months for a new gadget to drool over, the creators of the Mega-Cool component-to-VGA converter have announced that the Dominator Joystick for PlayStation 3 is all set to ship next week. The highly programmable arcade-style stick includes a Combo Attacker and Rapid Fire mode for borderline cheating, and the four memory buttons enable macros to be stored and kept at arm's reach. Of course, a gaming joystick wouldn't be a gaming joystick without a superabundance of blue LEDs, so you'll certainly find those there as well. You can toss in your pre-order now if you'd like, but make sure you've got $89.99 free and clear before doing so.

[Via Slashgear]

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