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McCormack Audio debuts new amplifier, preamplifier for two-channel holdouts

Steven Kim

We don't spill too much ink on 2-channel audio, but it's a mainstay of any music lover's diet. An old name from stereo audio that we had lost track of, McCormack, has recently popped back up with a new LD-2 preamp and DNA-250 and DNA-750 amplifiers. The brand has come a long way since its Mod Squad beginnings and now operates under the Conrad-Johnson banner, but the design (inside and out) sound like pure McCormack -- "Line Drive" architecture on the $2495 RLD-1 and "Distributed-Node" topology on the both the DNA-250 ($3995, 2x250-Watts) and DNA-750 (1000-Watt monoblock) amplifiers. For those not in the know, the McCormack name always delivered great sound (right on par with, Bryston, for example), and we expect nothing less from these components when they ship this month.

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