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The Daily Grind: Will that be cash, credit, or...?

With as many people as are concerned about credit card fraud these days - or who just don't want to run up a credit card bill at all - there are all manner of ways to pay for MMOs. Sure, we've had game time cards for a while now, which are really handy for those who prefer to go month-to-month rather than recurring. You have debit cards, but those work pretty well the same as credit cards; Visa logo and all that. Another option recently added to the payment plans for some MMOs has been PayPal, which is great for those who like to use online payments but like an extra layer of security. And in terms of interesting ideas - EVE Online players have the option of turning their hard-earned (or ocasionally easily-swiped) ISK into game time codes through player trades handled on the EVE website. These are by no means the extent of it when you look at options people have around the world.

With that, this morning we figured we'd ask - how do you prefer to pay for your MMO subscriptions? Are you into monthly subscriptions, do you head out for the game time cards, or perhaps you prefer paypal? Is there a system out there that you wish the gaming companies would look into? Do you look forward to the day when you can walk into a store and just swipe your cellphone to pay for things too?

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