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Crapgadget: let's get this year started wrong edition

Darren Murph

Now that CES and its wide range of goodies and garbage are behind us, it's time to take a look at the first roundup of Crapgadgets in the year 2009. Not surprisingly, the creators of crap are kicking things off in extraordinary fashion, with an actual "bust warmer," cassette tape-turned-USB hub and a handset leash making the cut. Those kings of catastrophe are being joined by a $100 spy pen that might be worth a nickle and a Painted Dot iChair that could cause retina damage upon seeing it. Have a glance at the links below and cast your vote for the lamest of the lame.

Read - Thanko Bust Warmer
Read - 4-port USB hub / wannabe cassette tape
Read - Highly functional spy pen
Read - Painted Dot iChair
Read - Mobigrip device leash


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