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Forum post of the day: Stunted stuns

Amanda Dean

Badeggplant of Hyjal is frustrated that Starfall will lose its random-proc stun effect from Celestial Focus in patch 3.0.8. In her eyes this removes the utility of the spell and makes it a poor use of mana with a long cool down. She believes that the damage from the spell should be increased to replace the missing stun.

What's interesting about this thread was Ghostcrawler's response. Blizzard is working to remove random proc stuns, such as this one, but also mentioned that Blackout will soon be on the blacklist. He claims that Blizzard is "waging a war" against random stun effects. Many are concerned that Impact will also be impacted.

This shift will only effect random stuns. Abilities such as Warstomp, Seal of Justice, and Kidney Shot are not on the hit list because they are cast as stuns, not at the mercy of the RNG. In addition to concerns about the shift in ability itself some players are disappointed with this change because it leads to further homogenization among classes.

According to Ghostcrawler these changes will take some time to implement. They will require a shift in talents and, in some cases, compensation. Sorry, my feathered brethren as it stands there appears to be no compensation for the Starfall nerf. Don't be surprised when your random-proc stun vanishes.

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