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Nathan Drake beyond Lara Croft's popularity?

Jason Dobson

Oh Nathan, is it cold there in Lara's shadow? Not according to Naughty Dog's Bruce Straley, who told CVG that it's Lara Croft who should be shivering beneath the Uncharted hero's cover, not the other way around.

Asked if Nathan could ever be as popular as Eidos' British spelunker, the Uncharted director responded with a question of his own, asking "Why, do you think he's not already there, if not beyond that point already, in terms of popularity?" He added that Drake adds a "much needed breath of fresh air in an industry that's been a bit stale for a while, in terms of characters." So cheeky, Mr. Straley, though Lara Croft was fresh once too, and time has a way of making even the most standout luminaries passé.

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