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Palm investor McNamee details Pre's neat location-based features

Chris Ziegler

As much as we've heard about (and played with) the Pre this month, there's still a whole lot yet to be revealed about webOS; Palm clearly has a little bit of work left to finish and polish the platform, so what we know so far has much more to do with UI glitz, glamor, and flashiness than the actual trench warfare of using a phone day in and day out. Yahoo's Tech Ticker had a chance to chat with Elevation Partners' Roger McNamee -- a figure whose cash infusion has been central to Palm's survival this past year or so as they've raced to throw together the Pre -- and in between Houdini-esque reveals of seemingly hundreds of smartphones on his person, he's slipped a couple cool location-oriented features we can expect in webOS. First up, the phone can be configured to check out your calendar every morning and automatically download all sorts of information about the people, places, and companies you're going to visit, including maps -- an especially awesome feature if you're dealing with spotty 3G coverage. Even cooler, though, has to be the lateness notifier -- the phone uses GPS to determine where you are, compares it to where you're supposed to be at the moment, and if it figures out that you're screwed, it'll let you know. What's more, it can automatically email people to let them know that you've screwed up (just blame it on the traffic -- we always do). Follow the break for Tech Ticker's full interview.


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