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Pioneer responds to recent plasma ban reports with more of the same

Darren Murph

Just last week, a report in the DailyMail got everyone worked up over the possibility of certain plasmas being barred from sale in Europe. Now, Pioneer is passing along a response made by the European Information & Communications Technology Industry Association that seems to say more of the same. We quote: "According to the pertinent EU Directive a technology such as plasma cannot be banned from the market as long as the TV sets (using this technology) comply with energy efficiency requirements." That said, the EU and its member states are still hard at work on new regulations to ensure improved energy efficiency across all display technologies, and we're told that "all manufacturers will be required to meet these minimum efficiency standards in order to continue producing, importing and selling TV sets in Europe." So maybe we're way off base, but is this not confirmation of what we'd already heard?

[Via HDTVLounge]

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