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The Joystiq Free Game Club: Dodge

Justin McElroy

The industry is finally slowing down on the twin-stick shooters, but we've found their successor: One-stick no-shooters. Submitted for the approval of the Joystiq Free Game Club, we present Dodge.

It feels (and sort of looks) like a forgotten gametype from Geometry Wars. You pilot an unarmed ship with only one means of defending itself: Steering enemy bullets into other foes. By circling your enemies you can get a whole train of missiles following you, and direct the whole lot into the opposition's hulls with a single quick maneuver.

By stringing together a bunch of kills you can build your combo meter and earn more points, points that can be exchanged for a refill of your health bar.

We're fans of the basic gameplay here, as well as the fairly derivative sights and sounds. But we think it gets repetitive just a bit earlier than we'd like. What say you about it?

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