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Firmware 2.60 brings photo gallery, DivX 3.11

Jem Alexander

Sony is giving PlayStation 3 owners a surprise gift today. Firmware 2.60 will be dropping imminently and will bring with it several new features. The photo gallery is a new installable feature which gives you a large variety of ways of sorting and displaying your photos. You can see more of that in the video above.

DivX 3.11 is also now supported by PS3s, as well as guest access to the PlayStation Store. This means that whether you've signed up or not you can now browse the PlayStation Store and see all the cool stuff you're missing out on. No doubt there'll be some further, secret features included in 2.60. If you find anything else be sure to let us know. We'll update as soon as the new firmware goes live.

[UPDATE] Firmware 2.60 is now live. Retrieve it via the "System Update" XMB menu option.

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