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No account-wide DKs just yet (for some)

Eliah Hecht

As of the shortly before Wrath launch time, the plan for Death Knight character creation was as follows:

  • If you have a level 55 or greater character on any realm,
  • You can create one DK per realm on any realm you like.
  • You can't, of course, create DKs of the opposite faction on a PvP server on which you already have characters.

Since the expansion launched, though, due to technical limitations, it has only been possible to create a DK on servers on which you have a 55+.

3.0.8 was supposed to ease this restriction, returning to the original design of DK unlocking being acount-wide rather than server-wide. However, "due to unforeseen circumstances," this change was not fully executed. Some people are able to create DKs on any realm as intended (myself included), but some are not. Neth promises that we will see the change come to all "in the near future," hopefully after some rolling restarts tonight. And here's hoping those same rolling restarts solve the Wintergrasp crashing bug that's annoying us all so intensely.

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