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    Panasonic's pricey TH-65VX100E plasma reviewed, swooned over

    Darren Murph

    When something costs eight thousand pounds, it simply cannot be even a hair less than phenomenal. According to a recent review of the incredibly expensive TH-65VX100E, Panasonic somehow managed to create a plasma worth that asking price. The 65-inch, 1080p set -- which was introduced across the pond late last year -- displayed "the best picture quality" critics had ever seen on a flat-panel. It also boasted "reams of features and exceptionally flexible settings." In fact, the only negative listed was that it costs more than a Renault Megane, which is pretty darn valid if you ask us. For those with the cash to spare and a hankering for big screen PDP action, it seems like this one just made the short list.

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