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Patch 3.0.8 download mirror [Updated]


Out sister site Big Download has hosted the patch files to bring WoW up from its previous version, 3.0.3, to the current version of 3.0.8. The patch itself is 56megs, and the Blizzard downloader has been known to lag out when everyone gets home from work / school in the evening.

Head over to Big D and grab the download. The servers are ran by AOL folks, our parent company, and promise to have super-fast speeds. And best of all? There are no annoying nerd coasters CDs in the mail!

Take a look after the break for Non-US/NA patch files.

We have all the latest information from the patch, from the notes to bugs (and more bugs), to a comprehensive overview of everything 3.0.8.

Happy patch day!

Please do not leave comments with other patch mirrors, we cannot verify the authenticity of them, and therefor will be forced to delete all comments linking to other sources. We do this to keep you safe!

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