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Samsung's SGH-C450 recalled, melts minds


Danger! Danger! OK, well, maybe that's overstating it a whole lot, but Samsung's seen fit to recall its SGH-C450 in the Netherlands because under "exceptional circumstances may not meet the state's standard for radio waves for mobile communication." Apparently some sets distributed by ING / Postbank and De Telegraaf in cooperation with Telfort and made after September 1st 2008 aren't making the grade and need swapping out. Nice story in all this is that your heavy emitter will be replaced with an arguably nicer Samsung M150 for free. Registered owners should get something in the mail, but feel free to hit the read link below for a Samsung page that'll give you all the details. While we wouldn't expect there's any immediate health risk with keeping this phone about, just don't use it or anything.


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