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These are the real top games of 2008

Justin McElroy

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Who cares which games Joystiq lovingly selected as 2008's best? The only games that count are the ones chosen by George Washington and Ben Franklin, and we don't mean Imagine Founderz. We're talking about the top-selling titles of the year. By combining some platform-spanning SKUs, MTV came up with what it thinks is the most accurate top 5, more so than the one released by the NPD earlier this month.

The top slot is still held by Wii Play, but we think you'll be surprised by how the other four positions shake out. See the full list right after the break.

Top-Selling Games In The U.S. For 2008

(All versions combined. Units in millions)

1. Wii Play 5.28
2. Madden NFL '09 5.25
3. Grand Theft Auto IV 5.22
4. Mario Kart w/ Wheel 5.00
5. Call of Duty: World at War 4.63

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