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Ask Engadget HD: Is the Apple TV worth it?

Darren Murph

The Apple TV has had some time to mature since hitting the scene years ago, and while its functionality has certainly grown, it's still one of the most low-key products to ever emerge from Cupertino. Marvin's Ask Engadget HD question is about this very product, and given that quite a few of you probably own one by now, why not take a look and contribute?

"The Apple TV seems like a pretty good choice for my living room now that HD content is available and boxee can be added on. Still, I'd be buying into a mostly proprietary ecosystem, so I'm curious if it's really the best choice for a movie set-top-box / home media server. Do your readers have any suggestions one way or the other? Is it really the best, or are there better alternatives that do most of the same tasks?"

Give it some thought and chime in below. Don't worry, we won't call you a fanboy -- promise.

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