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Cambridge Audio readying Azur 640R V2 receiver for spring

Steven Kim

Here's the perfect receiver to pair up with that Cambridge Audio 640BR Blu-ray player you're eyeing -- the company's own Azur 640R V2 receiver, set for release this spring. Sure, it's only packing three HDMI 1.3b inputs, but what catches our eye is the attention paid to quiet and cool operation thanks to the forced convection heat tunnel -- even when the 7x100-Watt amplifier section is cranking -- and an emphasis on sound quality. Befitting a top-end receiver, support for the lossless Blu-ray audio formats is onboard, and RS232 made it, too. No word on what sort of video processing and setup niceties made it into the mix, but based on the V1 model, we're not expecting much on those fronts. Pricing has not been announced for Cambridge Audio's home market, so maybe it's expecting us Yanks to do initial testing of the $1800 price point.

[Via Cybertheater]

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