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CES 2010 to feature iPod / iPhone-centric iLounge Pavilion

Nilay Patel

Although IDG is still planning on holding a Apple-less Macworld Expo next year, it's going to have to start fighting some pretty big competition for exhibitors -- the CEA and just announced that CES 2010 will feature an iPod and iPhone-oriented iLounge Pavilion, dedicated to accessories for Apple's handheld devices. That matches up nicely with rumors that the CEA is making a push for more Apple-focused products at next year's show, and while we wouldn't ever expect Apple itself to show up at CES, we can definitely see Macworld fading into irrelevance as companies jump ship for a show guaranteed to attract a ton of attention with or without a Stevie J. / Philly Shills keynote. We'll see how it plays out over the next year -- for right now we're stoked to know that all the iPod docks at CES will be in one, focused location, allowing us to more or less ignore it just like we do the CES North Hall.

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