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Dan Hsu working on new project with ex-EGM/1UP staff


Looks like the alums of the EGM/1UP era aren't ready to call it quits. 1UP Show staff have already moved onto a new video project, CO-OP. Former EGM editor-in-chief Dan Hsu is also working on an unrelated project also featuring ex-EGM/1UP staff, as revealed on his personal blog. Demian Linn, former executive producer of The 1UP Show and will be Shoe's primary business partner. Other ex-1UPers ready to contribute include Michael Donahoe, Greg Ford, Crispin Boyer, and Karen Chu, former "art star at"

Hsu is also calling up on the dedication of EGM fans by inviting donations on his blog. Contributions already made have gone toward covering the initial costs of starting this new venture. Hsu is currently looking for investors, a difficult prospect in this economic environment. "If you know any really rich people who would like to see a bunch of ex-EGM and 1UP guys get a new project off the ground, we could sure use the help," he notes in his blog. "This will be a legitimate, revenue-producing business."

[Update: We've made edits to reflect the following: Ms. Chu emailed to clarify that despite being referred to as the "art star at" she was not, in fact, the "art director." Additionally, our original post stated that the list of people, including Chu, would "join the staff" of Hsu's venture; we've clarified the freelance nature of this relationship.]

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