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Gish creator's Super Meat Boy splattering onto WiiWare


Edmund McMillen, creator of indie hits like Gish and Independent Games Festival award nominee Coil, has announced an updated remake of one of his deep cuts, co-created with Jon McEntee: the Newgrounds Flash game Meat Boy, a platformer similar to Metanet's N series, but with more persistent blood dripping. McMillen announced the game on his blog as a release for Mac, PC, and a "secret" platform. And then the official website opened, featuring a prominent WiiWare logo. According to the blog entry, the game should be out "by the end of the year".

World of Goo sent a clear message: if you are a known indie developer who likes it when people give you money and then download and play your games, perhaps you should consider WiiWare.

[Via Offworld]

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