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iLounge Pavilion to host iPod, iPhone devs at CES 2010


The sharks are swimming the waters around Macworld Expo. They must smell blood: first we hear that Apple may be headed to CES, and now iLounge has announced that they're sponsoring a "pavilion" at next year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I've never been, but you have to think that there have always been at least some iPod and iPhone-related displays at CES, even if most of the hoopla is a few states away at Macworld. But now CES is making its move, apparently. With Apple pulling out of Macworld for good (and that event focusing on the Mac), CES and iLounge may be looking to get in on some of the iPod and Apple action.

In fact, there's a FAQ for the event that says exactly that -- CEA heard that exhibitors were planning on skipping Macworld, and weren't sure about appearing at CES, so this pavilion is designed to pull exactly those people in.

Obviously all of these events are almost a full 12 months off, and anything can happen in between now and then. But CES and iLounge apparently aren't wasting any time trying to nab some iPod-related attention away from IDG's Macworld sans Apple.

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