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Linden Lab acquires OnRez, Xstreet. OnRez to close

Tateru Nino

Linden Lab has acquired the two largest Web-based commerce sites for Second Life. Electric Sheep Company's OnRez and Jay Geeseman's Xstreet were both acquired according to a Linden Lab announcement yesterday.

Electric Sheep's OnRez (formerly called SL Boutique) seems to be the their last, lingering connection to Second Life and we don't expect that the OnRez system cost Linden Lab a whole lot, especially as Linden Lab is closing the doors of the OnRez service on Wednesday, 11 February.

Xstreet (formerly SL Exchange, before some reportedly acrimonious wrangling over trademarks ensued last year) was fixing to branch out to cover other virtual environments after the name-change, but the odds of that seem rather slim at this point. Xstreet seemed to be a considerably more successful operation than OnRez, but we don't have data to back that impression up. OnRez is the one being closed, leastways.

We do not know what is happening with the existing staff of either business. Linden Lab's PR/Communications arm has hunkered down and isn't responding.

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