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Nokia: BlackBerry support triumphantly returning to S60 by way of RIM

Chris Ziegler

Given its business-oriented roots, Nokia's Eseries took a pretty big hit to its credibility when it lost BlackBerry support with the release of the E66 and E71 last year -- support previous models had rocked out of the box. In a recent interview with Reuters, Tom Furlong, the company's head of messaging services (bet he gets a lot of texts) talked up its recent tie-ups with Microsoft and IBM for corporate email, saying the move precluded them from continuing support for BlackBerry as well -- though it's unclear if that's for contractual, political, or engineering manpower reasons. So the bad news is that BlackBerry support won't be coming from Espoo from here on out, but the great news is that RIM will apparently be picking up where Nokia left off. No timeline was given, but Furlong says its transatlantic buddy is "readying" support for S60, so who knows -- that sexy E71 might still be the ultimate mobile email machine after all.

[Via Symbian-Guru]

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