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Ask Twitter: What's the fastest class to level?


This morning, reader Jipi wrote to us pointing out a post, written way back in 2007, discussing which classes were the fastest levelers. But, being as it's a good year and a half out of date, Jipi wanted to know which classes were the fastest levelers now. We thought that the Twitter community might have some insight on the matter -- so we asked them! (On Twitter? Follow us! We'll talk WoW!) Some of the answers we received echoed our original post: Hunters and Warlocks still get a nod as some of your best options. Both do excellent DPS and have pets to lend a hand. Also high on the list were Druids, who received praise for their versatility. And, unsurprisingly, Death Knights are new on the list -- not only do they have the advantage of skipping the first 55 levels, but they also do great DPS with high survivability.

For everyone's on Twitter's answers to this question (in 140 characters or less) -- or to add your own (in as many characters as you'd like) -- read on!

gnomeangel @WoWInsider Fastest Levelers = Hunters. It's practically cheating! U always have 2 in your party = harder 2 die = more time 2 level. Luv it!
mattycallen @WoWInsider paladin. Easy to solo and manage multiple mobs.
toniou @WoWInsider warrior is fastest - if you have a healer tagged along, as they are unstoppable then. ;)
OhCapital @WoWInsider probably rogue since you can stealth past trash for most fetch missions and these days there are more than enough quests
caryy @wowinsider Blood Death Knight. No downtime. If we're starting at 1, probably Hunter.
Janubris @WoWInsider a death knight, if they have a lvl 55+ toon. Druids and hunters are good too. There is basically no down time for these classes.
ErrorJustin @WoWInsider Warlock! All you have to do is dot up 8 mobs then run around. They'll all die at your feet.
RonnyBelmont @WoWInsider A hunter don't take dmg + Aspect of Viper + Healing pet during combat (no/less downtime). Also twice the dmg on mobs (You + pet)
jaminbee_007 @WoWInsider the warlock, pets and dots, just hit and run, litterally, that or the DK, it starts at 55, lol. other class would be hunter, pet
VSUReaper @WoWInsider Prot warrior 70-80. Less downtime w/ right gear, lots of aoe killing.
us3rX @Wowinsider a druid. simply cause everyone needs a healer, tank or dps. A druid can do them all. XD
adamjamess @WoWInsider easily warlock or hunter. Mainly because of the pet. I'de also venture to say druid, esp. feral, little downtime/very versatile
tahoepenguin @WoWInsider death knight because it's so easy to gain health back simultaneously while fighting even mobs
cristolmer @WoWInsider druid is the fastest to level after cat form. I don't know why haha, but I've leveled every class and it was fastest
chrisboozer @WoWInsider IMO Druid is the fastest class to level past level 20 simply because ur offensive & healing abilities dont use the same resource
Quantumhair @WoWInsider Gonna have to go with DK for obvious reasons
gjhsu @WoWInsider Rogues or hunter, imo. I found leveling quite easy on my rogue. Can sneak around most roadblocks, stunlocks, etc. ezmode
cjivan @WoWInsider Feral Druid was super easy to level. There's 0 downtime. You can heal, tank, dps, all without stopping to eat or regen mana.
crayzeigh @WoWInsider Death Knight. Or does that not count? Starting 55 levels into the game is a pretty big help.
leafshine @WoWInsider Not resto druids. REALLY not resto druids.
DanielEfton @WoWInsider it doesn't matter what the fastest to level is for any number of people. if you enjoy it it will fly by. experiment!
mattycus @WoWInsider Holy Priest levels the fastest if you're Matticus!
turtyl @WoWInsider Fastest class to level: Death Knight. AOE grinding, absolutely no downtime. Otherwise, Warlock, for the same reason.
Shooresh @wowinsider I would say feral druid simply because of the versatility and endurance which coupled with a sound levelling strategy
mindflayer @WoWInsider Fastest classes to level are hunter and Warlock, as they have always been. That said, the Death Knight starts at level 55.
CultClassic @WoWInsider Definitely hunter. With a good tenacity pet, Beastmastery (even now, ugh) can give you a free tank, and mendpet lets you heal.
Kadomi @WoWInsider BM hunters, no question. Probably also the most boring to level, but I am terribly biased. ;)
nesukun @WoWInsider probably warlocks or huters, low downtime, pet, AOE capable. both are well known as leveling machines.
Fallakin @WoWInsider Warlock. 1-40 is pretty much Corruption, Immolate, SB, Fear rinse repeat. At 40 you get Dark Pact and never have to stop.
BruceMri @WoWInsider Right now, death knight; no mana, tough, escape options, and lots of damage.
FrakTruck @wowinsider hunter is the easiest by far, but the fastest has to be rogue
kombatmedik @WoWInsider NOT. PALADIN.
coreycubed @WoWInsider thanks. I'm pretty sure hunter still wins that contest, pet spam + heirloom shoulders, bow = fast XP. add RAF and you're golden!
Spoonwolf @WoWInsider enhancement shaman. I never run out of mana, I self heal, I can tank most group quests with wolves or totem and I can self rez.
Draco2869 @WoWInsider Starting from lvl 1 think it would be warrior, always can find a group to run instances which equals lots of exp
mew7265 @WoWInsider hunters because you've got a pet who can tank mobs thus keeping you alive to kill mobs faster.
themightysven @WoWinsider Paladin, with seal of wisdom, and judge of light keeps me full up, no need for food/moonberry juice
necroscopic @WoWInsider I think the hunter still has the title, since its WOW with training wheels. The pet can take one mob, and you can take another.
Tensai @WoWInsider Hunter. Gorilladin + Volley (even with the nerf) is one of the earliest and strongest AoE combos for any class.
seanlacey @wowinsider for 1-80 has to be hunters.
seanlacey @WoWInsider Death Knights, besides the obvious of starting at 55 they have great aoe ability and the fastest class to level through outland
dadexter @WoWInsider Warlock, because of the pet, and the cool factor.
jaxor @WoWInsider Locks & Hunters- you get assistants and can just pound away once you find the groove where you don't pull every other attack
acedanger @wowinsider hunters are fastest b/c you have tank heals and dps all rolled into one lil awesome pet (go BM!!)
varmazis @WoWInsider dunno, but it definitely ISN'T priests (including shadow).
jacobovillegas @WoWInsider Warlocks and Hunters Imo. Having a pet and CC it's a huge advantage.
Greg4cr @WoWInsider hunter, easiest to solo.
caniki @WoWInsider Hunter. Always having a tank and being able to heal it is phenomenal.
massive_unfocus @WoWInsider Does DK count? 'cos technically that's the fastest 55 levels. ;) Seriously though, pretty quick to level full stop.
dickiemaxx @WoWInsider hunter is the easiest class to level your pet keeps you alive. No deaths = faster leveling.
mychilli @WoWInsider Hunters or warlocks, for pet tanks :) Or maybe a druid
Arrens @WoWInsider Warlock or Hunter. It's easier with a pet to hold aggro.
GuillaumeCL @WoWInsider Hunter, pet on aggressive, alt+tab. Or feral druid, no downtime.
agobelle @WoWInsider if he's a newbie to wow: Hunter. If he's a seasoned wow player: Mage. Both are excellent for fast kills & grinds despite nerf.
midzilla @WoWInsider Paladin. 16-80 in a month, mostly as prot. The ability to run into groups of mobs and walk out with completed quests and EXP.
dechion @WoWInsider The fastest I have managed to level with was a BM specced hunter using a tenacity pet.
stoppableforce @WoWInsider BM hunter, after level 10. Stopping to rest is for wusses.
dadexter @WoWInsider Death Knights don't count, right? :P
jamessocol @WoWInsider My hunter is going fast, but maybe because I've done all the quests before.

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