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Leyio personal sharing device provides some UWB on the go


Ultra-wide band hasn't exactly taken off as quickly as some may have liked, but it looks like upstart Leyio is doing its best to push the technology into new, somewhat interesting directions, with its new device promising to let you easily share data wirelessly with others. The device itself, also dubbed Leyio, includes 16GB of memory, and can be paired with a regular USB stick to store some additional data, which can be shared with others at the "flick of a wrist" -- assuming they also have a Leyio, that is. You can apparently also get a little wireless action in at home with the included "Shuttle" dongle for your computer, and it boasts a built-in fingerprint scanner to make all that data flying around a tad more secure. No word on a price just yet, but Leyio says the official launch is on track for April of this year.

[Via Pocket-lint]

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