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Nintendo secures a dozen Pokemon trademarks


Nintendo is giving itself a lot of creative freedom by renewing a dozen Japanese Pokémon trademarks. Future titles in the series can have such unique names as Pokémon Black, Pokémon Brown, or the risqué Pokémon Scarlet. While some may criticize Nintendo's somewhat predictable naming pattern, financial analysts will be quick to point out Pikachu's Theorem:

Pokémon + a color = money

See all twelve Pokémon trademarks after the break.

[Via DS Fanboy; Image Source]

  • 2008-093265 [Pokemon Red]
  • 2008-093266 [Pokemon Green]
  • 2008-093267 [Pokemon Blue]
  • 2008-093268 [Pokemon Yellow]
  • 2008-093269 [Pokemon Black]
  • 2008-093270 [Pokemon Brown]
  • 2008-093271 [Pokemon White]
  • 2008-093272 [Pokemon Gray]
  • 2008-093273 [Pokemon Scarlet]
  • 2008-093274 [Pokemon Purple]
  • 2008-093275 [Pokemon Crimson]
  • 2008-093276 [Pokemon Scarlet - written differently]

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