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TNT's Leverage is 'For the Horde'

Michael Zenke

I love Leverage. The newish modern-day thinking man's action show from TNT offers a weekly look at a gang of crooks doing a little bit of bad for a lot of good. It's actually a lot like the tabletop RPG Shadowrun, if you've ever heard of that game. The show is appealing on a number of levels, but the producers obviously know the demographic one of its characters attracts. The man in the snazzy suit above is Aldis Hodge, playing the part of Alec Hardison - resident geek and computer/technology expert. And, apparently, a member of World of Warcraft's Horde.

In this week's episode of the show Hardison bonds with an officer worker in a corporate megaplex he's infiltrating. We actually got a preview of this clever schtick in an interview done by the folks at WoW Insider. They spoke with episode writer John Rogers about the episode last month. You can catch full episodes of the show over on TNT's website, but if you just want to check out the full clip of their exchange you can do so below the cut. Now I want to know what class he rolls.

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