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Yet another Storm firmware leaks out of the Waterloo sieve

Chris Ziegler

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Okay, so now we're up to for both the Storm 9500 (Vodafone's model) and the 9530 found on CDMA carriers. At this point, there certainly doesn't seem to be any desire on RIM's part to keep these things under lock and key, so it makes you wonder: how long does the carrier validation process go on for these things? We have to believe Verizon, Vodafone, and others are all going through each and every Storm firmware with a fine-tooth comb trying to decide which to release to their customers -- but when you look at the sorry leaked-to-official firmware update ratio, it's a pretty depressing state of affairs for your average Storm user who isn't tracking forums. At any rate, there's no solid word on everything that's new in 90, but early reports have it being generally faster and more stable than anything before it -- a placebo effect, perhaps, so we'll have to keep watching the sitch for a while.

[Via BlackBerryNews]

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