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Discovering Champions Online's evidence and investigation systems

Kyle Horner

Another series of community-supplied questions and answers is sitting on the Champions Online website just in time for the weekend. As usual, Cryptic cherry-picked a nice variety of inquiries that vary from how much non-combat content the game would have, to whether or not in-game social gathering locations an events were planned.

Social spots/events are being facilitated in a big way, so no surprises there. Although you may find yourself a little surprised concerning non-combat in Champions Online. Combat? There's a lot of it - shock! But that doesn't mean Cryptic is blind to the fact that some superheroes do much more than pound faces until they look like a bowl of meat pudding.

In-game right now is an evidence system allowing players to collect villainous breadcrumbs and turn them into the authorities for increased reputation and consequently deeper resources. It sounds like a good start, and that's just what it is: a beginning. Eventually, Cryptic wants to turn their evidence system into an investigation system that's aptly named -- as it involves the creation of missions based on strings of player-found evidence.

While this feature won't make it for launch, we hope it surfaces early rather than later as anything at adds variety to an MMO is most welcomed.

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