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Lights Off returns to the iPhone


Hey, remember Lights Off? We first posted about it in the relative Stone Age of iPhone development, when the only SDK we had was writing web pages and when you had to actually jailbreak your iPhone to do anything cool with it. Nowadays, of course, we live in storied times, and so Lights Off has returned, this time on the App Store as a $1.99 app. It does look a little different, but the new version has been redone from scratch, and has added in some sound effects (even though you can't hear them in the video above). If you liked the game then, you'll probably like it now, too.

And yes, we have now come full circle -- developers have recreated, with Apple's official SDK, a program that was originally created without an official SDK, so people who jailbroke their iPhone back then to play the game can now do so without jailbreaking their iPhone. Got all that? We know -- it hurts our head, too.

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