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Mythic prank hints at Orc Choppa career coming to WAR next week

James Egan

The folks at Mythic Entertainment recently gave a pretty big hint about a new Warhammer Online career to be introduced, through a creative gag. They sent hair dye and a trimmer to WAR bloggers Keen and Graev, a nod to the upcoming Dwarf Slayer career. Lightning has struck twice now though, with what The Greenskin posted yesterday.

Mythic Entertainment sent The Greenskin a DVD of Predator, with instructions to go to the meme Schwarzenegger shouts at 1:16:06... "Get to da choppa!" With this hint, it seems a given that the Orc Choppa career is coming to Warhammer Online. The DVD also came with the hint that there would be "more to come" on January 29th.

[Thanks Brooke]

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