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Pole's Big Adventure: Year of the Cow Suits


The countdown at the Eventful Journey! Pole's Big Adventure site has elapsed, revealing a lot of inscrutable Japanese info and wonderful media about the new Famicom parody game from Phantasy Star Universe producer Takao Miyoshi. While the graphics and Mario-esque gameplay suggest Nintendo, the music sounds kind of reminiscent of the Master System. Speaking of which, isn't it a bit strange for Sega to be revelling in NES nostalgia?

The comedy-based game actually keeps a count of the jokes you encounter, and even has big red text on the screen commenting about it like a Japanese TV show!

The site features character portraits for the major characters, including this hilariously non-representative "realistic" take on the protagonist. The main enemies are cow-suited "poachers", apparently chosen because 2009 is the year of the cow.

Clicking on the red button under the control diagram will pop up a video. Speaking of controls, Pole's Big Adventure supports the Wiimote, Classic Controller, and GameCube Controller.

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