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Ready 2 Rumble boxart, videos enter the ring


First of all, it would appear that the boxart for Ready 2 Rumble Revolution has leaked onto the net courtesy of GameStop's site (image has been pulled from their site, but peep it on the right). Love it? Hate it? Indifferent?

Second on the agenda, IGN has uploaded four new trailers of boxing action and they feature a variety of different aspects of the title. We've got character intros, as well as individual looks at some of the combatants included in the game. We're not sure how to feel about R2R Revolution yet, to tell the truth. For one, if looks like the gameplay is spot-on with the original games, but on the other hand, it looks a little too slow to us. That is, in these new trailers. But, hey, at least we aren't stuck having to play as David Hasselhoff Dewie Streudel or anything. There's other boxers to choose from, aside from the celeb knockoffs we've already seen. Check out the trailers past the break.


Okay, Sweet King is pretty awesome.

Source - IGN videos
Source - Boxart [Via Go Nintendo]

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