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Star Wars Galaxies Producer's Letter outlines appearance tab, future plans

Michael Zenke

Early last week the sixth Game Update hit the live servers for SOE's Star Wars Galaxies. While previous updates have focused on bug fixes, class rebalancing, and other tweaks, GU6 added a whole new system long asked-for by SWG players: the Appearance tab. We've already talked about this system earlier this month, when the SOE Austin team did a preview of this brand new system. It's functionally very similar to the ones found in EverQuest 2 and Lord of the Rings Online, and you can find full details on the new tabs in our previous post.

The patching in of the system, though, was accompanied by a new Producer's Letter from Chris "Dotanuki" Fields. He offers up just a taste of what's coming for SWG players: Game Update 7 will be all about Spies! Plus, this year's Valentine's Day event will be an even bigger and better version of the Ewok Love Festival than last year. Beyond those updates, the team is playing things a bit close to the chest; the only other piece of news he had touched on a fun and interesting re-entitlement reward. Read through to the official forums for all the details.

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