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Ezra Wheathoof is Thunder Bluff's newest Elder


If you've already started in on your Elder visits, you may have noticed this, but it's worth pointing out for everyone. In a very touching tribute by Blizzard, the Tauren capital of Thunder Bluff has a new elder this year in the form of Ezra Wheathoof. The Wheathoof clan, as you may remember, is the creation of Ezra Chatterton, a young brain cancer sufferer who became a game designer for a day via Make A Wish.

The young fan, who captured the hearts of many a WoW player, and obviously the dev team itself, passed away late last year. In another nice touch, Elder Wheathoof also has a phoenix pet, a tribute to Ezra's character name, Ephoenix.

Putting in his character as a lasting part of Azeroth's history in the form of an Azerothian elder is certainly a fitting and sweet tribute for a boy who used WoW to connect and touch the lives of others even as his own life was fading away. It's also a nice reminder of the human side of playing World of Warcraft, and the connections we make that will never fade, no matter what.

[Thanks for the tip, Suite!]

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