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Peggle coming to the iPhone in March


We actually heard this last year, straight from Apple, but here's confirmation: PopCap Games has told our sister site Joystiq that Peggle, the distractingly cute-looking yet extremely addictive puzzle shooter, is coming to the iPhone in March of this year. If you've played Peggle (or any of PopCap's games, really) you'll know why this is so exciting, and if you haven't yet played it, you'll be in for a treat.

Word of the game apparently sneaked out via Popcap's official Twitter account, and while it was originally deleted (someone decided they didn't want to talk about it yet), the company later confirmed the game and the month of release. Of course, the game is currently available on the classic iPod, but it'll be that much better with touch-screen goodness added in. Extreme Fever!

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