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Rockstar says 'hell no' to Niko voice actor in Lost and Damned

When recently posited with a query as to whether or not Michael Hollick, the voice actor who provided the pipes for GTA IV's Niko Bellic, would make a reprise appearance in the title's upcoming DLC expansion, The Lost and Damned, a Rockstar exec responded rather emphatically -- "Hell no!" This could be because Bellic, while making a few cameos in the expansion, isn't a huge focus in the storyline. Unlike the other major characters of The Lost, Bellic's dialogue can easily be recreated from the original game.

However, the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks portion of the response could possibly be due to comments Hollick made in a New York Times article in May of last year. In said article, Hollick expressed disappoinment that his union failed to negotiate anything more than a $100,000 contract for his voice work -- a paltry sum when compared to the game's total sales figures. Then again, that's just speculation. It could just be that the queried party was all hopped up on caffeine when he answered the question, or possibly that he possesses a low-grade case of tourette's.

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