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Video footage released of unique MMO "Love"

James Egan

When you think of the sheer amount of work that a development team puts into an MMO, it's no wonder that we're talking about years of effort needed to produce a solid title. Now, imagine what it would take for one person to do it all on his own, while incorporating innovative concepts into the gameplay. That's exactly what Eskil Steenberg is doing. He's the one man army behind Love, an in-development MMO that boasts a unique art style, and is heavily geared towards gamers who enjoy exploration and world building.

G4TV's X-Play has an excellent video preview of Love, which explains the basic concepts of the game. It gives us a look at the environments and hints at the world shaping possibilities that players will be able to harness. Each of Love's worlds (which should support up to 200 players) is distinct from others, being in a near-constant state of flux. There's still no word on when Love will be released, but you can be certain we'll be keeping an eye on this title. If you'd like to see what Love is like, you can check out X-Play's video footage below the cut.

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