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T-Mobile's Samsung Memoir does a peep show?

Chris Ziegler

Given the healthy body of evidence that T-Mobile USA's picking itself up a little slice of 8 megapixel heaven courtesy of Samsung, we have no particularly compelling reason to doubt that this teaser shot -- posted on TmoNews' forums -- is legit. The portion of the phone that we see here more or less matches the spy shots posted last year, the UI matches the TouchWiz-driven setup we'd expect for a touchscreen Sammy in this range, and the grotesquely thick body betrays the mess of optics stuffed out back. Yeah, it might give you a little bit more pocket bulge than you were hoping for, but if you're desperately seeking that rare intersection of insane cameraphone specs and T-Mobile 3G, this is probably the ticket in 2009. Only question is, how long into 2009 do we have to wait?

[Thanks, Brendan S.]

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