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Verizon gets official with Network Extender: $249, no monthly fees

Darren Murph

Right on cue, Verizon has launched its very own femtocell into the world: the Network Extender. For those unfamiliar, this here box connects to one's broadband internet connection and essentially acts as a mini cell tower right in the home. In other words, it'll make your at-home VZW coverage absolutely amazing. Unlike Sprint's AIRAVE, though, there are absolutely no monthly fees attached -- simply plunk down $249.99 up front and watch your signal improve. As for limitations, you can only use this within the Verizon Wireless Enhanced Services coverage area (read: not overseas), and there's no support for EV-DO data speeds or Location Based Services such as VZ Navigator and Chaperone. It's available now for ordering online or over the phone, and all the nitty-gritty details are covered in the FAQ section linked below. So, AT&T -- you're next, right?

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