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Breakfast Topic: Is 68 too low for Northrend?


My Shaman and I have been becoming best friends lately. I've been doing about a level every other day with her, and as I said in the WRUP last Friday, my goal was to get her into Northrend to have some fun. To do that I needed to bring her to 68 and head over to my preferred starting zone, the Howling Fjord.

But when I got there I was in for a bit of a shock.

Everything wasn't dying as fast as it was in Outlands. At 67 my Shaman was plowing through mobs left and right, outfitted in mainly greens and a few quest reward blues. With Shamanistic Rage, and my two ghost wolves I could pop out at a regular interval, I had nearly no downtime.

Enter Northrend, and enter the difference.

Things took half my health and mana to kill, I couldn't really do two mobs at once without taking some health or mana potion, and my miss rate almost doubled. This is the fourth time I've brought a toon to Northrend and leveled, but the first time that I did it at 68. I was expecting a transition much like when you go to Outlands at 58. However this was quite a bit rougher.

After questing for about an hour I got a couple weapons and increased my total HP by about a thousand. This definitely helped, but it still felt a little odd. Maybe they need to buff Shamans?

I'm interested to hear what you all think of the step from Outland to Northrend at 68. Too hard or too easy?

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