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Lost Planet movie will cost "between $150 to $200 million"

Close your eyes. Wait, you aren't reading this news on a mobile device as you drive to work, right? No? Close your eyes. Think of Capcom and all of the properties they own. Now think about how rad it would be if Capcom really got involved in turning one of the those properties into a movie. A proper movie, we mean. Well, open those eyes dreamer because Capcom is committed to making a great movie based on one of their properties. Unfortunately, as you already know, they picked Lost Planet.

In a translated interview on the Capcom Investor site, Head of Character Content Business, Toshihiro Tokumaru noted the upcoming Warner Bros. adaptation of Lost Planet, "will cost somewhere between 150 and 200 million dollars to make," when production begins. Once again, they picked Lost Planet. Not hating on the choice but maybe they should throw a few dollars at the travesty that is slowly becoming The Legend of Chun-Li. Please?

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