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Walmart sells boy 'redneck' version of Madden 09

Dustin Burg

Put yourself in this position. Imagine you're a young boy (somewhere around, say, 13 years old) and have saved up all your Christmas money to purchase a shiny new Xbox 360. You're now overjoyed to hear that your dad has finally got around to taking you to the local Walmart to make your Xbox purchase.

After deciding on a console, you pick out Madden 09 as your first Xbox 360 game purchase. Now, still imagining you're this boy, you and your pa make your way back home where you setup your newly purchased Xbox. Caught up in the excitement, you rip open the (scotch tape sealed) Madden 09 packaging and are taken back because Madden 09 doesn't quite look like Madden 09. It looks something like the "redneck sh*t" you see above. Tears run down your cheek as you realize Walmart has failed you. Somehow, you purchased what you thought was a new copy of Madden, but was a returned and previously used copy with the disc swapped out. Oh the horror!

Scariest part, this is a true story.

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