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Lionhead: We're not working on Fable 2 PC

While we're certain the point-and-click enthusiasts among us would like to get their paws on Joystiq's favorite game of 2008, Fable 2, it looks like they'll be waiting for a while longer -- on a Lionhead forum post asking whether or not the Albionic caper would be making its way to computers, community manager Woody swiftly answered, "We're not working on a PC version of Fable 2." As far as we can tell, no winks, nods or suggestive elbow nudges were included in the dispatch.

Woody's statement seems contrary to a report which made the rounds late last week -- a report which claimed that a Lionhead rep confirmed that a PC version of Fable 2 was "likely imminent". Why the discrepancy? We contacted Lionhead's senior community manager, Sam Van Tilburgh, who explained that the quote embedded in said report wasn't legit. Get comfortable, WASDers -- it's looking like Molyneux's hero sim won't be hitting your platform of choice in the near future.

[Via VideoGamer]

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